Berlin flat

15 05 2008

View through to living room from bedroom

living room

[switching to night photography]

(Ahem, yes, I have taken advantage of the high ceilings to stack boxes containing a couple of hundred copies of the hardback edition of my first novel, as well as a couple of hundred copies of John Chris Jones’ The Internet and Everyone, on top of a bookcase…)


Fabulous traditional Altbau plaster mouldings

View through to kitchen from bedroom

Kitchen / library (there is a full-size fridge but I could not get it in the frame with my iBook)


Coal heating. The apartment has two tiled coal ovens, one in each of the big rooms. I’ve ordered a ton of Rekord briketts, which are the best (cleanest, slowest burning), in 25kg bundles. Each oven needs 6-8 bricks twice a day, with possibly an extra two last thing at night.